Connect SendGrid SMTP With API

Integrating SendGrid with Send Onyx via API offers a powerful solution for managing email campaigns. SendGrid, known for its robust deliverability and comprehensive email management features, provides a reliable API service. This integration allows Send Onyx users to leverage SendGrid’s advanced email delivery capabilities directly. This article will walk you through the steps of integrating SendGrid API with Send Onyx and highlight the benefits of this approach.

Benefits of Using SendGrid API with Send Onyx

  1. Enhanced Deliverability: SendGrid’s sophisticated infrastructure ensures high email deliverability rates.
  2. Scalability: Effortlessly handle large volumes of emails, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Access in-depth insights into email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and more.
  4. Reliability: SendGrid’s API provides a stable and consistent email-sending experience.

Steps to Integrate SendGrid API

Step 1: Set Up Your SendGrid Account

  1. Create a SendGrid Account: If you haven’t already, sign up for SendGrid at SendGrid’s website.
  2. Verify Your Email Address: Complete the email verification process after signing up.

Step 2: Generate a SendGrid API Key

  1. Log into SendGrid: Access your SendGrid dashboard.
  2. Navigate to API Keys: Go to the ‘Settings’ section and select ‘API Keys’.
  3. Create a New API Key: Click on ‘Create API Key’. Give it a meaningful name and set the appropriate permissions. For Send Onyx integration, full access is recommended.
  4. Save the API Key: Copy and save the API key in a secure location. You won’t be able to view it again in SendGrid.

Step 3: Configure SendGrid in Sendonyx

  1. Log into Your Send Onyx Account: Open your dashboard.
  2. Go to Sending Servers: Locate the ‘Sending Servers’ section.
  3. Add New Server: Choose to add a new server and select SendGrid API from the list.
  4. Enter API Key: Paste the API key you generated from SendGrid.
  5. Save and Verify: Save the settings. We may perform a test to verify the integration.

Step 4: Testing the Integration

  • Conduct a Test Send: Use SendOnyx to send a test email via SendGrid to ensure that the integration is functioning correctly.
  • Check Deliverability: Observe the initial emails sent through SendGrid for deliverability and performance.


Integrating SendGrid’s API with Send Onyx optimizes your email marketing efforts by combining a user-friendly interface with SendGrid’s powerful email delivery system.

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