Use GlockApps To Increase Reputation

GlockApps is an advanced tool for email marketers, providing essential insights into email deliverability and performance. This service tests your emails against various spam filters and provides detailed feedback, helping you understand and improve how your emails are received by different email service providers. This article will explore the importance of using GlockApps in email marketing and provide a step-by-step guide on setting it up.

Why GlockApps is Important in Email Marketing

  1. Spam Testing: GlockApps simulates sending your emails to popular email providers and gives feedback on whether they end up in the inbox, spam, or are not delivered.
  2. Identification of Delivery Issues: It helps identify specific issues that might cause your emails to be flagged as spam.
  3. Improved Email Deliverability: By addressing the issues identified by GlockApps, you can improve the chances of your emails landing in the inbox.
  4. Content Optimization: It offers insights into how different content or subject lines might affect deliverability.
  5. Authentication Checks: GlockApps checks for proper DKIM, SPF, and DMARC settings, which are crucial for email authentication.

Setting Up GlockApps

Step 1: Sign Up for GlockApps

  • Visit the GlockApps website and sign up for an account.
  • Choose the appropriate plan based on your email volume and requirements.

Step 2: Create a New Test

  1. Log into Your Account: Once you have registered, access your GlockApps dashboard.
  2. Create a New Test: Navigate to the section where you can start a new email deliverability test.

Step 3: Configure Your Email Settings

  • Enter Email Details: Provide the details of the email you want to test, such as the sender’s name, email address, and subject line.
  • Paste Your Email Content: Copy and paste the HTML content of your email into the provided field.

Step 4: Send the Test Email

  • Follow Instructions to Send Test: GlockApps will provide you with a list of seed addresses. Send your test email to these addresses. Make sure to create a new “GlockApps Seed List” On your Sendonyx account so you can send a campaign to that specific list.
  • Initiate the Test: Once the test email is sent, start the test in GlockApps.

Step 5: Analyze the Report

  • Review the Results: After the test, GlockApps will provide a detailed report on where your email landed in various email services.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Look for common factors in emails that landed in spam and make necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Implement Changes and Retest

  • Make Adjustments: Based on the report, tweak your email content, design, and settings.
  • Retest as Needed: To ensure improvements, retest your emails after making changes.


GlockApps is a vital tool for email marketers looking to maximize their email deliverability and impact. By providing detailed insights and actionable feedback, it helps in fine-tuning email campaigns to ensure they reach the intended inboxes. Regular use of GlockApps can lead to significant improvements in the performance of your email marketing efforts, ultimately contributing to better engagement and conversion rates.

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