Verify Your Tracking Domain

Importance of a Tracking Domain

A tracking domain is used in email marketing to monitor the behavior of recipients, such as when they open an email or click a link. It is essential for:

  1. Enhanced Tracking Accuracy: A tracking domain helps in accurately monitoring user engagement with your emails.
  2. Brand Consistency: Using your domain for tracking links maintains brand consistency and can improve trust among recipients.
  3. Avoiding Spam Filters: Custom tracking domains can help avoid being flagged by spam filters, which is common with generic tracking URLs.

Steps to Set Up a Tracking Domain in Send Onyx

Step 1: Access Tracking Domain Setup
  1. Log into SendOnyx: Open your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tracking Domains: This option is found under the ‘Sending’ section.
Step 2: Add Your Tracking Domain
  1. Enter Your Domain Name: Type in the domain you want to use for tracking purposes (e.g.,
  2. Add the Domain: Click on ‘Add Domain’ or a similar option to proceed.
Step 3: Configure DNS Records
  1. Generate a CNAME Record: SendOnyx will provide you with a CNAME record to add to your domain’s DNS settings.
  2. Access Your Domain’s DNS Manager: Log in to your domain registrar or hosting provider.
  3. Add the CNAME Record: Input the provided CNAME record into your DNS settings. This will usually point your tracking domain to SendOnyx servers.
Step 4: Verify the Tracking Domain
  1. Allow Time for DNS Propagation: DNS changes might take up to 48 hours to fully propagate across the internet.
  2. Verify in SendOnyx: Return to the tracking domain section and click on ‘Verify Domain’ next to your added domain.
  3. Confirmation of Verification: Once verified, your tracking domain should be active and ready to use.

Tips for Setting Up a Tracking Domain

  • Use a Subdomain: It’s recommended to use a subdomain (like specifically for tracking purposes.
  • Check for Typos in DNS Records: Ensure that the DNS records are entered accurately to avoid verification issues.
  • Regular Monitoring: Occasionally check the status of your tracking domain in Send Onyx to ensure it remains active and correctly configured.

Setting up a tracking domain in Send Onyx is a vital step for gaining detailed insights into your email campaign’s performance. By following these steps, you can enhance your email marketing strategy with accurate tracking, maintain your brand’s integrity, and potentially improve deliverability. This guide provides a clear framework for Send Onyx users to successfully implement and verify a tracking domain.

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